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Environmentally Friendly

Canpoz is the brand focus on environmentally friendly, healthy life and superior quality product to consumers with a cost efficient manner. We have professionals to do the product R & D, design, and testing, which are all based on deep understanding of consumers’ demand. Our team members are consumers just like you and we are part of communities you live in. Caring about communities’ environment, peoples’ health, life convenience, family’s affordability and wellbeing is our goal.

In Canada and US, for a product to claim compostable, it must:
- disintegrate by at least 90% within 84 days of the composting process
- biodegrade by at least 90% within 180 days of the composting process
- have no ecotoxicological effect greater than 10% on the germination rate of seeds and vegetation biomass rate

Canpoz compostable bin liners is made from materials exceeds these requirements. In standard testing under the conditions specified by ASTM-D6400 standard, the liners completed disintegrated into carbon dioxide and water.