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BC Sea Cucumber (Parastichopus Californicus). The sea cucumber from British Columbia, Canada is a very unique and special species consisting of two parts; a firm outer skin and a thick inner muscle with five tendons often referred to as the sea cucumber meat. They are sometimes called Big or Giant Red Sea Cucumbers and are usually reddish or dark brown in colour. They are found along the entire length of the BC coast and the average commercially harvested length is 30-40 cm. The skin is highly sought after for its health benefits as well as nutritional value. The meat or muscle provides great nutritional values and is used in a variety of very tasty dishes.


QMP Information:
Source of Raw Material: Domestic, waters of British Columbia
Important Final Product Characteristics: Frozen, high protein content
Ingredients: None
Shelf Life: 2 - 3 years if held at -18℃.
Where Product to be Sold: Exported to Asia Market
Special Labeling Instructions: "Keep Frozen"
Special Distribution Controls: Storage and Transportation Temp. < -18℃. Reefer must be pre-chilled.

野生:海参 SEA CUCUMBER 正常情况下,生长在水深20米左右的海域。为什么说加拿大的海参一定是野生的呢?因为加拿大人不吃海参!所以就没有必要养殖,而且加拿大的海岸线很长,而且对捕捞业有严格的作业时间控制,由于没人捕食,野生保有量很大,所以才能有10年以上的超大海参!

加拿大北太平洋野生刺参 (SEA CUCUMBER) 产于西北太平洋加拿大哥伦比亚省沿岸北至美国阿拉斯加海域,因其生长海域纯净无污染,微生物丰富、饵料充足成就其体型粗大、肉筋丰满,平均参龄在五年左右,特级参龄达九年以上,属各类海参中的极品。北美海参的有机钙含量很高,每千克高达1900毫克,是普通海参的5.3倍。是十分难得的高钙补品,并且脂肪含量低,不含胆固醇的最佳补品。在享受美味佳肴同时又补充了身体需要,可谓一举两得。特点:野生、天然、健康,肉筋丰满,口感极富弹性,营养丰富,整条海参自捕捞到加工至冰鲜状态,最大化保留其营养品质,避免其营养成分的流失。 加拿大西部捕捞和加工生产的红刺参品种为:1)冻盐渍海参皮;2)急冻海参肉(桂花蚌);3)干盐渍海参皮。

Origin of Production 产地: 加拿大 西海岸 West Coast, Canada
Production Date 生产期: 10-11月 October-November
Processing Method 加工方式:煮+加盐+去盐 cooked, salted and salt removed
Packing 包装: 1 x 40磅净重 箱装 40 lbs net, master carton
价格 Price: US$ / LB FOB 美元/磅 离岸价

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