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BC White Spot Prawn

BC White Spot Prawn Details

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Wild caught and FAS (Frozen at Sea).


QMP Information
Source of Raw Material: Domestic, waters of B.C.
Important Final Product Characteristics: Frozen to a core temp of ≤ -18℃.
Ingredients: Spot Prawn, (Maltodextrin, Sodium metabisulphite, Sodium erythorbate, Sodium phosphate, Xanthan gum, Guar gum, Salt, Sodium citrate, Yeast extract)
Packaging: Approved High Gloss Containers (Trojan), 1 kg., 1 mil poly top sheet, Cardboard master containers.
End Product Use: May be cooked prior to consumption, or further processed in Japan (headed and peeled) prior to eating raw.
Shelf Life: Approx. 2 years in approved cold storage.
Where Product to be Sold: International Markets, wholesale only, (USA, Japan, China & Hong Kong)
Special Labeling Instructions: F.I.R., Keep Frozen, list of ingredients to include Chemical make up of approved ingredients.
Special Distribution Controls: Storage and Transportation Temp. ≤ -18℃.

生牡丹虾/斑点虾(SPOT PRAWN): 产于西北太平洋加拿大哥伦比亚省沿岸北至美国阿拉斯加海域,平均生长在100米以下的纯净海域,属海中珍品,每年五月开季第一天,在温哥华每年都有规模盛大热闹非凡的牡丹虾节,广泛受到北美各界餐饮及居民消费欢迎,更是日本料理店刺身的首选上品。营养成分:牡丹虾含有丰富的蛋白质和钙、碘、磷、铁等矿物质,营养价值很高,对人类的健康极其有益。特点:加拿大牡丹虾身体颜色呈红褐色,虾头两侧有白条纹,虾身有白色圆斑点,虾枪长且有弧度,虾长可达20cm以上。牡丹虾是贵价海鲜,有“虾王”的美誉,由于其是在海上采用冷冻技术加工,因此具有同类产品无法比拟的新鲜度,入口即化。只要将其放在0度---5度的保鲜层中让其自然解冻,然后蘸上少许芥末入口,就能感受到那种鲜爽中带软糯的口感。

Product产品:Canadian Wild Spot Prawn Whole Round Origin of Production产地: West Coast, Canada加拿大 西海岸

Production Date生产期: May-June 2016年5-6月

Freezing冷冻: Frozen at sea or life frozen船冻或活冻

Packing包装: 1kg small box x 12 kg carton / 1公斤小盒装x 12公斤大箱装

Departure Place出运地:Vancouver, Canada 温哥华加拿大

Canada Enterprises Inc.
Canada Enterprises Inc.
Canada Enterprises Inc.
Canada Enterprises Inc.