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Live Green Sea Urchin

Live Green Sea Urchin Details

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Sea urchins are invertebrates belonging to phylum Echinodermata, class Echinodea and are related to sea cucumbers and sea stars.
They are found on most rocky subtidal habitats in British Columbia (BC) from just below the low tide line to 130 metres (426 feet) but are common between 4 - 30 metres (13 - 90 feet). Urchins prefer rocky ground and avoid rocky areas exposed to extreme wave action and areas with sediments such as sand and mud.
The green urchin dive fishery is primarily in southern coastal areas.Harvested primarily for the roe or uni, sea urchin is popular served fresh and uncooked as sushi. It is also used in soups, custards and other seafood dishes as a flavour enhancer.


QMP Information
Source of Raw Material: Domestic, waters of British Columbia
Important Final Product Characteristics: Live, high protein content
Ingredients: None
Packaging: 16 kg Styro containers, bulk pack
End Product Use: Further processed in Japan
Shelf Life: ≤ 5 days if held at ≤ 4℃.
Where Product to be Sold: Export to Japan only
Special Labeling Instructions: FIR, "Keep Refrigerated"
Special Distribution Controls: Storage and Transportation Temp. ≤ 4℃. Reefer must be pre-chilled.

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