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Enjoy Silenrieux Organic Beer...

Organic SARA

The SARA organic, buckwheat beer, is special thanks to its numerous aromas (flavours) that will attract (charm) you. With its light hop taste, that pale ale lager with a cloudy look and 6% alc vol. produces light fruity tastes and aromas which give the SARA organic more delicacy and class.
The aftertaste producing a mere slight bitterness will make it still more attractive. Available in 25 cl. and 33cl bottles (capped) and 75 cl (corked), well balanced and refreshing, it should be served at 5°C- 7°C.

Technical Data for SARA

Basic products: Buckwheat, barley, hop.
Refermented in the bottle.
Colour: lager and exist brown ale Alcohol content 6%.
Plato: 14°C.
Packing: 25 cl (capped bottle) or 33 cl and 75 cl (corked bottle)

Organic JOSEPH

This white beer, with a brilliant foam, has character. Made on an ancestry cereal, spelt, out coming from the organic farming and supplemented with barley malt and organic hops.
Very well balanced both in the nose than the palate, it shines with its natural curves that make it sweet and modestly bitter. Aromas of orange peel, embellished by coriander infuse the palace a unique freshness.
With q 5% alc./vol. is available in 250ml and 750 ml. This beer can be kept for two years. Refreshing beer to serve at 5°C or 6°C.

Technical Data for JOSEPH

Blonde Beer made from malt and spelt bottle-fermented.
Alcohol: 5% alc;/vol.
Packaging: 250 ml and 750 ml


Certisys is an approved organization which aims to ensure the integrity of the food chain for organic products.
CERTISYS, active for over 25 years at international level, is the first inspection and certification specialist in organic farming in Belgium. Our organization code "organic" labels are displayed on the BE-BIO-01 for Belgium and LU-BIO-06 for Luxembourg.